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Work Hard. Play Well. Drink Right.

Aged over four years in brand new barrels, our exclusive bourbon is now ready to be your perfect pour every time. Bottles are $300 each.

All profits go to It’s My Time to Shine supporting women through education.

At long last, the wait is over! Year Two of Ray’s Reserve Kentucky Bourbon is upon us.

Ray Lewis was recently inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. The 2018 induction ceremony took place in Canton, Ohio, with Ray surrounded by family, special friends, teammates, coaches, and distinguished guests. What an achievement! Ray was both honored and humbled—being a man of God—as he accepted this esteemed recognition. Ray’s steadfast work ethic and drive to succeed helped him to achieve this highest honor that an NFL player could hope to attain.

We salute you, Ray!

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Currently, Ray’s Reserve is out of stock and all current available bottles have been reserved. Please check back for year two in 2018!

Now, our second barrel of Ray’s Reserve Kentucky Bourbon has just spent another year on the oak. Last fall (2017), it was ready for prime time! And it’s exceeded our expectations.

As most everyone knows, what started out as a good-natured whim between two friends has taken hold. Roots are growing deeper, though sometimes the tree sways in the wind. We may bend, but we never break.

You see, we spent a great deal of time investigating and implementing a well-thought-out business plan with Ray’s Reserve as our flagship brand.

Our Year One offering sold out in 5 hours! We are both thankful for and humbled by this incredible showing of support.

After Ray’s Reserve Kentucky Bourbon had matured in its barrel, it was soon made ready for bottling. However, our marketing team had a small surprise up their sleeves. They secretly worked surreptitiously, long, and hard to develop a unique, one-of-a-kind front label. Everyone was giddy. They wanted to surprise Ray. And surprise they did!

“WOW! You are all amazing. This label is beautiful,” exclaimed Ray. “This is fantastic. Wait until our customers see this one!” he added with delight.

The second barrel was tapped, and 100 bottles were carefully filled. A small amount remained in the barrel. So, seven shot glasses were set, and the dark caramel liquid poured into each. All raised their shots for a toast.

Everyone sipped. Then a hush came over the room. There seemed to be a still moment of serenity… only the hum of the baseboard heater could be heard. Smiles emerged. Soon everyone cheered, shook fists, and slapped backs. Another touchdown!

Then before we knew it, Old Man Winter soon appeared across our great land—and was especially nasty in Wrightsville Beach, NC. A wet, persistent blanket of cold air refused to go away. Hard to say why the cold rains and snows refused to depart. On top of crummy weather, a member of our team was struggling a bit. She was working hard, and slowly recovering from the Festival 91 shooting in Las Vegas, NV. We all rallied behind her, and it is great to report that the worst is definitely behind her! She is going to surprise everyone… real soon!

The summer of 2018 has been wonderful—a true testament of the love that our Savior Jesus Christ has bestowed on each and every one of us. We are all God’s children.

Soon, we will announce instructions for securing your share of Ray’s Reserve Year Two. And yes, everyone who bought a Year One bottle will have the first right to purchase Year Two.

Stay tuned and God’s peace be with you!