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Behind The Label

Throughout culture, the lion has symbolized royalty, prowess, courage, power for the good, honor, strength, and leadership.

And its Christian roots serve as a representation of Jesus’ divine and human natures. These are the qualities that Ray chooses, both for himself and to embody the brand of Ray’s Reserve.

The lion inspires us to be more creative, to do better, and to be better. It gives us the wisdom to know when the right opportunity should be seized and when we should lie in wait for a better prospect to come along.

Crafting each batch of Ray’s Reserve involves a combination of all lion and lioness traits… to work together for the good of the brand, to be mindful in our decisions and timing, and to conduct our business with both personal integrity and dignity.

The lion is said to have represented great kings. And the body of the Sphinx is the highly symbolic lion. We encourage you to live life like a lion: strong and proud, yet reserved too. Do for the good of all others, not just for one.

It’s time to rediscover your inner cub!