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The Story Behind a Label

As with anything great in life, you have to start with the best ingredients, the best process, and the best people. That’s how Ray Lewis conducted his professional football career. And that’s how he continues today—in every new venture.

So when creating the unique, crafted labels for the 100 limited-edition bottles of Ray’s Reserve Kentucky Bourbon, we spared no expense. Daytoon acquired 50 official Duke NFL footballs and began the process of handcrafting these one-of-a-kind, collector’s liquor bottle labels that you’ll want to preserve forever.



It all started with a group of highly talented North Carolina leather artisans. Each football was meticulously cut to salvage the prime portions of pig skin. And each hand-cut piece of leather was then reshaped and hand imprinted with a custom-designed branding iron. Our premiere crafters stamped the smaller label with the official bottle number and the larger label with the custom label brand.

Talk about HOT precision work! We only purchased 50 footballs to create 100 labels, so there wasn’t any room for error.

Next, our crafters painstakingly hand applied gold leaf detail to each label. And the crowning glory is, of course, Ray’s original signature on every label—hand painted by Ray, himself, with the same gold leaf paint. Then Ray personally inspected and approved every crafted bottle for Year One’s production.



From original drawing and prototype to finished product and final approval, it’s been a six-month journey. But it’s been worth the wait!

Your limited-edition Ray’s Reserve Kentucky Bourbon was bottled in Kentucky with the highest of standards.  And now each precious bottle is packaged with rich, exquisite labeling that you won’t find anywhere else.

From one career to the next, Ray Lewis has put his own quality stamp on everything he touches. So whether you display your bottle of Ray’s Reserve on a shelf or break it open for a special occasion, you’ll always have the commemorative bottle and his original signature for your own.

Each bottle comes with a certificate of authenticity and sales are limited to one per customer. And wait until you see what Ray has in store for Year Two.  But first, a Summer Storm cometh…